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I Mustard You A Question...

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on September 02 2016

I Mustard You A Question...

Ok, it doesn't work as well as "I mustache you a question," but hey, give a girl props for trying to be creative.  I've recently became infatuated with the color mustard.  We have gotten so many goodies in lately of this perfect Fall color!  We used to think our customers loved mustard accessories, like scarves and such, but didn't necessarily go for a garment in this shade of yellow.  But as everyone's style always changes and evolves, we've noticed everyone is kinda digging it.


Mustard Dress // $42


So this one isn't exactly a new arrival, but I couldn't help but add it in.  In all reality, it's only the second day of September.  And most of our new mustard arrivals will probably be worn when it isn't 90 degrees out like it has been lately.  If you want a mustard colored item to wear now, this would be the perfect option!  The front stitch detail adds a little pizazz and would be great for an early Fall wedding!


Mustard Scarf // $30

Terry Tunic // $38.90


Our blanket scarves are back for the second year in a row!  And even though the temperatures are still rather high, we have already had people nabbing them up!  They know that items like this will sell out once the weather takes a dip.

And speaking of selling out, we finally were able to restock our BEST SELLING French Terry Tunic!  Y'all went crazy for this piece.  But I can't blame you, I would want to walk around feeling like I was in my robe all day too.  Yup, you have to come in to feel this sucker.


Camel Dress // $38.90

Duster Vest // $48


So while we don't call this mustard on the website, I would definitely say this camel colored dress has a yellow undertone to it.  What's so great about this dress is the versatility of it!  You can wear it on its own, with a necklace, throw on a blanket scarf, or even pair a fur duster with it as shown.  It's so easy to mix it up and create multiple looks!


I'll admit, a few months ago I wouldn't have leaned towards an item in a mustard color.  I would've feared it wouldn't be easy to create a cute look, but honestly the more I see it, the more I realize it is a good color to add to your wardrobe!


STB Babe,


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