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Jamaican Me Happy

Sara Durcholz

Posted on January 16 2018

We stepped out of the car into the perfect 85 degree sunshine, we walked towards the doors of the house to be welcomed with a tropical punch cocktail, Alisha embraced me in the kind of hug only a best friend gives, and I looked around.....“I don’t deserve this.”That’s what I said. I walked into paradise. I had a smile on my face that couldn’t be wiped off. All of this had to be too good to be true, but it wasn’t.

I hadn’t been out of the country in 10 years, and Nathan and I hadn’t had a true “vacation” ever. We never took a honeymoon, and a month after we got married I was pregnant with Emmett so as soon as Alisha spelled the words “destination wedding” I was completely on board. I knew we would be spending more money on this vacation than we personally would have if it was just us two, but every bone in my body was telling me “YOU NEED THIS!”

We were originally supposed to go to St. Thomas for the wedding, but after two hurricanes, Alisha and Dakota had to re-plan their whole wedding in less than two months. They heard about the Tryall Club through a mutual friend, and this place is absolute paradise in Jamaica. It’s a private, gated club with houses and villas, and has a private beach, a grocery store, a golf course, and is nestled right in the middle of 2,200 acres of tropical flora and fauna.

I’m a early riser (mostly because of Emmett now), so every morning I’d wake up around 6:00 and I’d enjoy coffee on the deck, either with Nathan or alone, overlooking the view. I was in such peace every day. Between relaxing by the pool, endless pina coladas and margaritas, and the sunshine on my body, I was completely in my element.

We often took golf cart rides around the club, and we found this unbelievable Silk Cotton tree one day when we were exploring. This tree was MASSIVE you guys. We read its history and the tree came originally from West Africa where it is believed slaves brought it over on the Middle Passage. I can’t even put into words how awestruck I was by this tree. It’s history, it’s roots, its strength. It’s something I’ll never forget.

The rest of the week was full of relaxing, celebrating, and everything in between. We had a bonfire and dinner on the beach, the wedding at the house by the pool (which was unforgettable), and lots of quality time with the hubs. We had fresh fish and lobster delivered to the house, fresh coconuts cut up in front of us, and lots of memories made.


One of our last evenings, Nathan and I snuck away to a private dinner to spend time alone together. It was at an authentic Jamaican restaurant right on the water (and in a straw hut). We shared a bottle of wine, and just listened to the waves. It was the most relaxing dinner I’ve ever had.

On our deck that evening, we sat in our robes just talking about how we often say “We need to travel more” or “We need to do this” and we never follow through. Life gets in the way or we feel guilty for spending the money. This trip solidified that we need to live in the moment and create these memories and experiences. We sat on the deck holding hands and looking at the stars planning our next memories our last night, and it was the perfect way to end our vacation.

What are some of your favorite vacation memories? Tell me below!

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