Did you ever wish that you could go back and relive a moment in time?  That one snapshot that captured so much happiness in your life?  I think we all have moments we wish we could press rewind on.  But unfortunately time doesn't work like that.  Because you better believe I would bring it back to our wedding and be kicking it on the dance floor if I could!

While we can't time travel, we are able to relive blasts from the past!  How you ask?  Through fashion!  Fashion is constantly revolving and recycling styles!  You may look back through your mom's old high school pictures and question my last sentence.  But I promise you, you be wishing you had momma's old pieces to reuse.


Black Lace Choker Necklace // $14


Beige Velvet Choker // $14


Everyone and their mother knows that chokers are in right now!  Anyone remember the black stretchy chokers from the ninety's?  The one you could get out of the machine at the grocery store?  You would put two quarters in the slots, turn the handle, and POP!  Out would drop your new piece of jewelry or sticky hand.  Those were the days!

But chokers now-a-days are so much better than your $.50 grocery store getup.  These chokers delicately wrap around your neck and even look great layered!


Black Cage Back Acid Wash Dress // $39.50


Grey Cage Back Acid Wash Dress // $39.50


Let's head back another decade to the eighty's where Chuck Taylors, big hair, and Care Bears were plentiful!  Grab your big boom box and head in store to try on this contemporary version of an acid wash dress.  The trendy cage back dress gives it a modern feel and can be worn casually as a dress in the summer, or worn with a leather jacket as it cools down in the fall.


Floral Lace Up Tunic // $38


Now let's jump to the seventy's!  Florals are always going to be hot, but in this decade you could find them everywhere...including grandma's curtains.  This modern floral print is to die for!  The high neckline and side tie-up detail give it a fresh twist, but it's still a little funky!  You will surely be the "Dancing Queen" in this tunic!


Even as trends come and go, stay true to yourself and buy what you love!  And don't forget to shop local!  It never goes out of style!


STB Babe,


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