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No Makeup, No Pants, No Problem

Sara Durcholz

Posted on February 19 2018

Let's face it. Life can get busy. That project at work is due. Your best friend’s planning their wedding. Your pet decided to eat your bed resulting in a trip to the vet. You’ve got to renew your driver’s license and refuse to look like a serial killer with a double chin again so you must prep. Whatever your dilemma, life likes to serve it up hot and fresh with plenty of extras. Truth: life doesn't always allow for the things that feed us...things like shopping.

But this crazy idea happened to remedy just this thing. It's called online shopping. Aw, sure you've heard of it. You may have even tried it. But have you fallen for it yet?

Online shopping sometimes gets a bad rap especially when it comes to shopping for clothes. Buying your fav toilet paper or shampoo is really just a win, win. But many of online shoppers have their fair share of horror stories when it comes to unboxing their internet purchase. So as an online boutique owner, I want to give you these must have tips to make your online shopping fail proof, so you never have to get stuck in that $7.49 large top that looks like it was made for a toddler.

1.  Buy from trusted and familiar brands.

In my best motherly voice...if it's too good to be true, it probably is. When you come across that adorable top you saw on Pinterest, and it's only $5 from overseas. R E D flag. A lot of these sites steal images from others, wait to get a sizable order amount, and then have it manufactured. It's often shoddy, cheap, and sizing is unpredictable. Find those stores and brands you know are legit, you've purchased before, or have an understanding of their fit and quality

2.  Size yourself up.

Knowing your body is essential for online shopping. Sizing and fit can be complicated, but if you know your body well, it shouldn't be that hard. For example, if you are a small with a larger chest, you may want to size up if you have problems with button ups gaping. Or maybe you have larger arms and the shirt is extremely fitted in the arms, maybe it's not the style for you. You really have to pay attention to what looks best on your body, what fit and structure works, and the details of the garment.

3. Get some learnin’.

Understanding clothing terms and fabrics is really helpful. Clothing terms can help you understand cut and fit better. Fabric content can help you determine how it will hang, how it will wash, and even how it might fit. If it's a fabric with stretch, you might be able to adjust the size. Also, if you aren't into taking things to the cleaners, you may not want to buy certain fabric contents like Rayon.

4. Read reviews.

Reviews offer a wealth of info. People will often say how the fit was, the quality, and even customer service. Buyer be ware. Some companies are known to have their employees go out and create fake reviews. Make sure you take a little time to go through them.

5. Stalk them...just a little.

Checking out the brand on social media can be helpful too. A lot of boutiques might show their items on people other than models and might even have videos of the styles. You can see how the piece looks on normal people, in normal lighting, and even how it moves. Sometimes styles look completely different online than what they do in person. Social media can help you figure this out.  Don’t feel bad to personally reach to the brand with questions!  We love questions because we want to make sure the garment is the right fit for YOU. Want to see it on and have us send you a mirror pic?  Done!  Don’t be scared to expect great customer service.

All of this may seem complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you can go through items quickly. Plus, you’re  bottomless with a glass of wine, it's more like a spa trip than a shopping trip. You can always practice with us!

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