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Peace, Love, and Candy

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on October 28 2016

It’s already October 28th.  We are darn near into a new month, y’all!  But before we start thinking about Thanksgiving turkey and gravy,  …and pumpkin pie, …and dressing, and …. you get the point... we have to think about Halloween. 

I remember in college everyone had their costumes thought out almost a month in advance.  It took precise planning.  Because we all know that you can’t be caught dead in the same costume three nights in a row.  *gasp* 

Now that I’m out of school and in this thing called life, it hasn’t become a priority.  However, I will admit to ordering a costume for my dog.  But we will keep that nugget of information between us.  ;)

So if any of you are in a similar boat to me in desperate need of a Halloween costume, let me solve all of your problems.


Cream Paisley Floral Keyhole Dress // $44


Forget being basic and throwing on your boots and flannel to be a cowgirl.  I know it’s hard to throw together a costume last minute, but it’s so overdone.  Heck, I wish I could use a lasso to wrangle up all the cowgirls at a party.

As I was saying, forget the cowgirl idea.  There is something out there better.  See image below. 



Gosh, how cute is this?!  It's obvious that you should be a hippie.  Seriously, not only will you look like a doll Halloween evening, but you can re-wear the dress again.  Genius! 



Simply stop into your nearest STB and nab our Cream Paisley Floral Keyhole Dress and maybe even our Mirror Round Retro Sunglasses.  After that all you need is a pair of thigh high boots!  If you are really wanting to step up your game, wrap a leather cord around your forehead for the perfect boho touch!

Peace, love, and candy. 


STB Babe,


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