Fashion is all about expressing your own personal style.  It's about the only time you can break rules and never expect any repercussion.  You know what I say to not wearing white after Labor Day?  Screw it.  There are just some days in the Fall where I get tired of wearing my same old denim and black jeggings.  Anyone catch my drift?

However, there are times where you actually do need to play by the rules.  I know many of our customers are in High School.  And that's one instance where I'll advise you to listen to dress code guidelines, otherwise you might be sent to the office to wear stain covered pants from Lost & Found.

I know schools around our area have only been in session for a couple weeks.  However, it can still be difficult to remember each morning what you can and can't wear.  So I did a little research myself.

Since we have three store locations, I feel like I got a broad base of knowledge.  I considered writing out the dress code for each local high school, but the more Student Agendas I read, the more I realized most schools have pretty much the same policy.




No leggings?!  What a shame.  I'm sure some of you are going to have to reinvent your wardrobe.  But never fail, Single Thread is here for you!


Navy/Green Plaid Button Up // $34.90     Grey Lace Trim Tunic // $39.90

Grey Floral Sleeve Baseball Tee // $28     Grey Chunky Turtleneck Sweater // $48


Not only are these items super trendy this season, but you can be darn sure you won't be sent to the principal's office for wearing them...just make sure that you don't wear the jeans shown above.  ;)


Now for those of you who may go to a private school with uniforms, your rules are going to be TOTALLY different than that of a school without uniforms.  Based on my research, you must buy your clothes from a list of approved stores.  Most of you will be wearing khakis with a white or light blue blouse.  Some schools allow students to wear polos.  Make sure you tuck in your top and wear a belt with dress shoes.  Many schools give the a-ok to boat shoes.

If your school requires you to wear uniforms, don't let that stop you from stopping with us!  There is always the weekend!


STB Babe,


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