I feel like there are two type of people at the airport.  There are the ones who look more manicured than Wrigley field, where their pedicure color matches the accent color of their perfectly pressed blouse.  And on the other end of the spectrum, there are people who looked like they rolled straight outta bed only to switch out their house slippers to tennis shoes.  The bags they're wheeling around aren't the only ones they are taking on vacation.

No matter if you are the person rockin' undereye bags with striped fleece pj bottoms, or the one who put on two coats of mascara before coming into the airport, each person has something to takeaway.

Dress // Scarf // Hat


I always like to sway in the middle of the pendulum.  I like to look put together without trying too hard.  There is a key to accomplishing this: LAYERS!  I'm not sure what it it, but layers help to look like you've put in effort. 


Stone Midi Dress // Black Midi Dress


I love the idea of wearing a midi dress.  Somehow throwing on the most simple dress already makes you look bomb!  This midi length is perfect in either the black or stone color to create a base for your airport chic look.

A simple way to look more pulled together is to throw on a floppy hat.  It helps hide your puffy eyes while also covering up the fact that you decided to avoid washing your hair just one more day! 

My last favorite piece to add to this look is a blanket scarf.  This adds to the layers of your outfit and also doubles as a pillow!  No one wants to use nasty airplane pillows, so the next best option is wadding up your scarf.  This adds warmth when you are leaving a cooler climate, but can easily be thrown into your purse once you've landed in warmer weather!


If you aren't the dress type, try these joggers with some trendy Adidas Superstars.  You can apply the basic principles of the scarf and hat combo with this outfit as well!


Olive French Terry Joggers // 3/4 Sleeve Charcoal Top // Navy French Terry Joggers


I've tried on these joggers and can personally vouch they are one of the comfiest fabrics to have ever touched my skin.  No lie.  While these are a more casual pant, you can absolutely dress them up.  I love pairing them with this charcoal top so it makes the perfect canvas for your blanket scarf!


So the night before your flight, consider this simple formula to make the perfect airport chic outfit!


STB Babe,



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