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Style Your Life

Sara Durcholz

Posted on February 05 2018

In and out of your closet, we are all about the pretty things in life.  My goals with STB is to be an inspiration to you, and to fashion your entire look, even outside of our offerings. Whether it's your unique accessories, home decor, or personal branding, we want to show you areas in life where you can translate your closet style into your lifestyle.

Your accessories - I think any fashion lover would tell you that to really define your style you have to find those unique pieces that speak to who you are. Anyone can throw on a sweater, but when you throw on a sweater and add a blanket scarf or a pair of tassel earrings, that's what make the difference. Accessories can go beyond just jewelry, we’re talking anything that defines your vibe. Even your hairstyle is a super expressive accessory to your style.

Your home - As good as you feel when you slip that fav outfit over your head, you can feel the same way when you walk through your front door. There is no worse feeling than walking through your front door and being disappointed or uninspired.  Personalizing your home not only makes you feel cozy, but when you have guests over they can tell it's YOUR space. You can learn so much about a person from the pieces they choose to dress their space with, and they make great convo starters. Your style can speak volumes to developing your relationships. It allows your guests to experience what's it's like to be like you for a bit.

Your career - You don't have to own a business or even have an office space to be able to have a style in this area. Hands up, who all has a stationery or office supply obsession?  No matter your profession, you can have a personal brand and that brand has a style. Of course, if you do have a space to adorn, go for it. But if you're like a lot of people, you work on the floor or in a shared space. But there are still ways to communicate your style. Any documents that you can think of can be developed so that they have a consistent style to them. Resumes, emails, and even stationary for leaving notes all have the opportunity to reflect your style.  

Photo ℅ Target : Stationery Kit Blush Geometrics - Bullseye's Playground™

Your digital presence- Where do we spend so much of our time these days? Social media. And while we are all hanging out there, why not take the opportunity to communicate your style. Some platforms, like Instagram, it’s very easy to do this, while others aren't as imagery heavy. But you can still show people what you're about.  When you are able to use pictures, think about patterns of layout, coloring, and even font usage. When you are on those platforms that aren't imagery heavy, think about your message. What type of content do you share?  What type of content are you putting out there? I'm a wine loving, dog obsessed, mommy that has an affinity for clean beauty and snarky humor. And if you see my social media, you can pick that up pretty quickly. It's part of my style. If you aren't into social media, you can simply start with a phone case and a wallpaper that show your style. Check out these free wallpapers from Everygirl.


You can do all of these areas or just focus on a few. But there is a rewarding quality for styling your entire life. It's fun, it's pretty, and it's entirely you.

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