DIY Halloween Costumes Perfect for You

Let me remind you I spent my last two years of college at Purdue.  In case you haven't heard, Purdue is famous for Breakfast Club.  You wake up at the crack of dawn, dress up, and go to the bars.  Now I always wondered which college kid got the bright idea to wake up before the sun rises to go in costume to the bars, but it's a tradition that has stuck.  And it is awesome!

#STB Babe of the Week - Reagan Hochmeister

Let me tell you, this girl is a smart (and pretty) one!  She tagged us wearing STB and is now the proud winner of a $10 gift certificate.

Color vs. Neutral: What's Your Pick

The title pretty much sums up this post.  What side are you on?

I've made it known that I tend to lean on the neutral side.  Pieces are so easy to incorporate with one another.  It makes for an easy morning for getting ready.  But I have to admit, sometimes I feel like color is sucked out of my wardrobe.  Luckily, this week's new arrivals can have you swaying on both sides of the fence.

You Need a Couple Hats in Your Life

I Want One In Every Color