Two's Company, Three's A Crowd

We've all heard the saying, "Two's company, three's a crowd."  But really, is there any truth to this?  I guess in this instance where I'm looking at it in the perspective of clothing colors, it is always going to be a "no".

We have had the stores open for long enough that we are pretty good at knowing exactly what you guys like.  Some items we get in and you all wipe the style out in a few days.  That was the case last year with these awesome fold over sweaters!

Peace, Love, and Candy

It’s already October 28th.  We are darn near into a new month, y’all!  But before we start thinking about Thanksgiving turkey and gravy,  …and pumpkin pie, …and dressing, and …. you get the point... we have to think about Halloween. 

He Loves Me, He Loves Me KNOT

He loves me, he loves me KNOT. 
Let's take a trip back to when you were a middle schooler.  You and the surrounding schools just merged together and there is a whole plethora of new boys to drool over.  That one boy sitting in the corner of your 5th period math class always seems to be catching your eye.  Automatically you wonder if he is going to be the THE ONE.  So of course, on your way to the bus stop you snatch the lone flower next to the sidewalk.  You tug at each individual petal while chanting, he loves me, he loves me knot... I mean not.

Doing Double Takes

Let me start out by saying, whoa! 
This is awkward.
This is a blog post with pictures of myself.  Yup, the face behind the blog is no longer pulling a Sia.  This is me...STB Babe, Caitlin.
On Sunday I was piddling at the computer when my phone dinged.  It was Sara and she asked me to model for outside social media pics.  *Que the heart palpitations*  You see, I'm usually the one BEHIND the camera taking pictures of Sara.
But hey, sometimes it's good to take a step out of your comfort zone. 

Traveling to My (Almost) Alma Mater

If you read my post Game Day Should Be Every Day, you may recall me saying how I was going up to Indiana University in a few weeks to visit college friends.  Well that week is THIS WEEK!

Now normally it's no big deal to go up to school after you graduated, but my situation isn't like most.  I spent two years at IU before my heart guided me to Purdue University.  Don't ask how it happened since the two are major rivals.  The rivalry is so strong that Purdue even chants "IU Sucks" during football games...even when they aren't playing IU.  But the transition for me was one of those things where you follow you gut and just bite the bullet.