I think I finally have a worthy enough cause to write a post for 2017.  Scroll down and I think you will understand what I mean.

We wrapped up another busy year here at Single Thread.  The crazy forced me to skimp on the blog, but I think I finally have a moment to catch my breath and brush the dust off the ol' keyboard.

Back to my worthy cause.  If you've taken that long of a break from something, you kinda feel like you need to come back with some gusto...something that will pack a punch...something that, ...well you get the point.


Candidly freakin' Chan.


The girl deserves her own line.  She seemed like the perfect way to transition from the major gap of my last post.  Let's just say the girl can work some faux leather.



Candidly Chan


I think we all envy her BA style.  If I pulled on a pair of taco patch pants I know I would be asked what taco joint I worked at and when my shift started.  Could you imagine?  But this girl can own it.  If you have never had a peak at her page, Candidly Chan, mosey on over and check out her blog.  She has this aesthetic and attitude that can't be duplicated. 



When we both agreed to do yet another collaboration I already knew this jacket had her name on it.  The classic look of our Moto Jacket is something everyone can pull off and was the epitome of her style.  It has such a great cut that even the pickiest of dressers can appreciate.  And these are the words of Chandler, which I can totally relate to:


"When looking for a good leather jacket, make sure flexible is a adjective high on your list.  I’ve owned a few that have looked so cool but limited 99% of my shoulder movement and made repulsive farting noises when the leather rubbed together in the other 1% of movement."


Oh lordie, this is why I love this girl.  She's so real and so to the point.



And with that last statement, I know no better way to end this post.


STB Babe,





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