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Traveling to My (Almost) Alma Mater

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on September 30 2016

If you read my post Game Day Should Be Every Day, you may recall me saying how I was going up to Indiana University in a few weeks to visit college friends.  Well that week is THIS WEEK!

Now normally it's no big deal to go up to school after you graduated, but my situation isn't like most.  I spent two years at IU before my heart guided me to Purdue University.  Don't ask how it happened since the two are major rivals.  The rivalry is so strong that Purdue even chants "IU Sucks" during football games...even when they aren't playing IU.  But the transition for me was one of those things where you follow you gut and just bite the bullet.

I loved my final two years of school at Purdue, but I honestly loved my time at IU as well.  I'll always identify as a Purdue fan, but I'll still root for a fellow Hoosier team.  Heck, I still have a stack of Indiana University tees in the basement that I can't seem to part with.

So heading back up north for the weekend is going to be pretty exciting.  And I need to start packing so I'm ready for all the craziness.


Double Stripe Sleeve Top // Anorak Jacket // Hunter Boots // Green Lace Up Deep V Top


This weekend we are going to hang out with friends, but I happen to have two AMAZING cousins at school there.  I'm so pumped to see them!  I know most people are heading to IU to watch the game.  It's a night game (my favorite) against Michigan State.  So that mean's that there is tailgating alllllll day!

So I'm trying to think of what to pack.  After checking the forecast it looks like there could be a chance of rain.  :(  So I need to pack accordingly!  It had been so long since I tailgated at IU that I asked my friend what girls wear during tailgate.  Every school seems to have their own attire and style for games.  She refreshed my memory that girls wear as little as possible, regardless of how cold it is.

Oh the days of college.

Well I graduated over two years ago.  I'm not sure that I will go along with that, especially if there is a chance of rain and a chill in the air.  You will find my derrière covered and sleeves on my arms.  I'm thinking I may go with our Ivory Double Stripe Sleeve Top and have my Anorak Jacket on hand just in case things really get cold.  Either that or pair the jacket with an vintage IU tee or tank that's been hanging out in the basement.  I might need to brush off a few cobwebs.  ;)  And if rain is in the forecast, you better believe I'm gonna bust out the Hunter Boots.  Gotta get my money's worth out of those things!


When the sun sets in BTOWN is when things can get a little crazy.  The same rules for tailgate apply for going out.  Again, I think I'm gonna keep things covered, yet still add a little bit of sexiness to the mix.  I figured this Green Lace Up Deep V Top from the store is just the perfect fit.  The deep V is right on trend, especially if I pair it with some destroyed black skinnies and heels.


I may have graduated, but I think I still have it!  Here's to a good weekend catching up with old friend!  Cheers!


STB Babe,



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