I never thought I would be one to say this, but sleeveless turtlenecks are going to be one of the hottest trends this year!  Yes, a few years ago you could have called me a pessimist.  I never understood this style.  What was the point in wearing a turtleneck with no sleeves?  Like, can you not decide if you are hot or cold?  But this pessimist has turned into an optimist and I can totally see why this look is trending!

And since we like it hot around here, as in the hottest trends, let's check out some of my favorite styles!


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ONE: This trendy turtleneck style will forever be stylish with the classic cable knit pattern.  Since a turtleneck has a modest neckline, this would be perfect for the office with some cute flats!

TWOWhat's so great about this style is how comfy and cozy it is!  You can look totally pulled together with a pair of leggings on, yet still feel like you are lounging on your couch.

THREE: Think it is still too warm for a turtleneck?  Think again.  You can wear this top now even while the temperature is a little warmer.  Just pair this crop top with a cute pair of white shorts and sandals.

FOUR: You can't forget about the turtleneck dress!  This classy ensemble has a modest length and neckline, but it exudes sexiness.  Put on a bold lip and strappy heels for the perfect date night attire.

FIVE: This is an STB best seller!  You all love this trend as much as we do!  This top is unique because of the fly-away back and fringe along the back panel.  We can promise you won't find a style similar to this one!

SIX: Just because you work in a cubicle doesn't mean you can't wear what's trending!  This top is perfect for looking work chic.  This pattern would look great paired under a black blazer for when you are asking for a promotion!

No matter the occasion, you will likely be able to wear this trend.  And when the temperature really starts to drop, consider laying a jacket over it!  The edgier side of me suggest a leather jacket... faux of course.  ;)


STB Babe,



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