Why Don't We Get A Little Graphic

It's Monday.  No one likes Monday.  Let's be real.  So on days like this it is ok to be a little graphic.  Gosh darn it, tell the world how you feel! 

...Oh are you confused?  I'm not telling you to yell at the Starbuck's barista for not putting that extra pump of vanilla in your Monday pick-me-up drink.  Oh no, my dear.  I'm talking about getting graphic with your tee!

Now that we have that cleared up, let's get back to business!  Graphic tees are always some of the quickest thing to sell out at the store for us!  When you find a top that speaks your feelings without having to say a darn thing, why not buy it?!

So nonetheless, I was super pumped when we got in this batch of graphic tees!


Rise and Wine Short Sleeve Tee // $28


Mondays.  The only thing to look forward to is rising and having a little wine.  Its D-A-Y-S until the weekend.  This basic white scoopneck will definitely make a statement with its bold font in all caps!


Raised on Champagne Tee // $28


Is there any other way to be raised?  You can't beat a great crewneck tee, especially in this classic grey color.  Pair this with jeans or some shorts and grab your favorite bottle of champagne.  It's will be your best accessory!



Aloha Beaches Blue Tank // $26


Aloha Beaches!  While you may not be on the beach this Monday, at least you can imagine it!  This blue heathered tank has an extra deep scoopneck to help show off your tan!


Friday I'm In Love Tee // $28


It may not be Friday but at least we can act like it!  This cool, casual font is encased in a heart...because we know your love for Friday!  The deep charcoal tee will be a staple in your closet!


So which one is your favorite?

STB Babe,


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