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Wife. Mom. Boss...How Sara Slays

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Posted on March 12 2018

Ok, we all want to know how this superwoman does the dang thing? In this blog, we've got Sara dishing on all her secrets to juggling life like a boss, and keeping her sanity. We’ve asked her some quick and dirty questions on how she does it.

What's your guilty pleasure go to?

Well, it's really no secret that I love coffee. I drink A LOT of coffee. But, you know, not only has it become synonymous with my brand, but it's my own guilty pleasure. It's my first thing in the morning and my afternoon pickup. Call it my blankie if you want. Everyone has a vice, but the point is you have to say yes to something that makes you happy to get through the day sometimes. Raw honesty here.


What's something that you've kept consistent throughout your journey?

Never settle. As soon as I feel content, I know there’s something else I can do to improve my life or business.  It can be so easy to experience overwhelm in whatever role you play in life, and when you're tapped out it's easy to let things slide by or fall through the cracks. Sometimes, you are just plain tired of making decisions. The reality is every decision counts, and every “let it slide” decision has a consequence. So I've learned to not settle. If I'm not happy with something, I say it. If I don't feel like it matches my brand or my ideals in life, I don't let it slide. It's my job to protect the sanctity of my business and my family. Settling is easy up front, but difficult in the end.


What's something that you're constantly working on?

Staying organized...and if you would see my office right now you’d laugh.  I never said I was perfect you guys! There's always a better way or process. When you are juggling so many things, you have to have good systems and processes. It allows you to see weak areas, but it also saves you time...something we don't have a lot of. I've got so many working pieces to my life and puzzles to fit together, so it has to have organization for everyone to keep their sanity.


What's your own motivation?

There's always more. When you think you're done, you just can't do it anymore, there's just a little bit more of you to give. Working all day, coming home to be mom and wife, it can be so exhausting. But when it all settles at night, if there's something you have to do, you just do it. I have made so many mistakes in my business, and my husband is the first to remind me, “At the end of the day, it is your responsibility.”  And he’s right. No matter what, when it comes down to it, this is my baby. Not that I'm not a fan of self-care and down time, I am. But when there's responsibility, I don't let it go no matter how exhausted I am.


What's something you've learned the hard way?

Get thick...skinned, that is. I think most people believe that you have to be a real bully as a woman in business juggling life. That's simply not true. There are a lot of great relationships to be had in competitive environments. But even with that, you deal with a lot. You have to say yes and also no.  You have to be able to stand your ground and also say you’re sorry when you’ve done something wrong or made a mistake. You sometimes have to make tough decisions that might hurt people’s feelings. You have to be quick and mostly unbothered. You have to stick to your guns, and hold yourself accountable. You also have to build a network of people that help you do that. All of that requires a little thickness of skin. It doesn't mean you have to be mean or not emotional about things, it just means that you have to deal with it because who else will?

Sara certainly slays. And these are tips that anyone can apply to their own life. We all juggle. And we all struggle. Getting life together, especially a business, takes a certain amount of grit and commitment. Something we can certainly learn from this queen.

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